Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What is God doing...?

Several years ago, I met someone in an unusual way and knew immediately that it was a "God encounter." Have you had one of those experiences? When you know that it only happened because you were listening to that "still small voice" and being obedient? If not, you probably will at some point in your life's journey if you are seeking to hear God and obey.

When it happened for me recently, I found myself listening to a story that could have come straight out of a novel! In fact, a novel WAS written by this young Afghan man who, along with his brother, found Christ after fleeing from persecution in their own country. Over the last two years, I developed a relationship with these two young men, met the missionaries who introduced them to the Lord, and have tried to help tell their "story" to other believers who have been praying for them. There is a possibility their book will be re-published with a sequel in the coming months and an article about their life will be published in a well-known Christian magazine soon.

Tonight, I received news from their missionary "mom" that a near tragedy has struck their family who remains in the Middle East. It burdens my heart to know that my two young brothers are so very far away from their loved ones at a time when it is extremely difficult for them to cope with sad news. I would ask that others reading this might simply pray for E and S as they continue to seek God's will in their lives and to follow HIS call as they understand it.

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