Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Weather

Wow! The background of my blog this time of year matches the views I've been seeing the last few days in Alabama, north Georgia, and now North Carolina! The beauty of God's creation amazes me continuously! But in this mountain setting, the intensity of the colors - the rich reds, the warm golds and vivid yellows are breathtaking! Add to the colors the occasional waterfall, rolling stream, and cascade of colors on the side of mountains .... well, I'm thinking this MUST be heaven! I haven't even mentioned the fact that I left 85-90 degree weather at home and this morning it was 31 degrees here in Highlands, NC! Sigh...I may never leave! Oh, WAIT - I have children and a grandchild in Little Rock waiting on us to arrive there tomorrow! So, I guess we'll be on the road again - this time through the Blue Ridge Parkway and eastern/middle/western Tennessee! Bye for now!

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ashley said...

So glad I found your blog Mrs. Cindy and SO excited for you on your new grandson and grandbaby on the way. God is most definitely blessing a family that has been faithful to Him. OK, this post does make me jealous though - that area of the country is my FAVORITE - especially this time of year. ENJOY God's beauty!!!